Monday, September 22, 2008

Canon EOS Experience Seminar

Last Sunday, i have attended the 2nd Canon EOS Experience Seminarheld at Grand Ballroom, Shangi-La Tanjung Aru Resort. Great seminar, lot of photographer- amatuer,enthusiast and pro came to join this seminar. Great opportunity for me and all of the participants-free breakfast, free lunch there wihout any admission fee. :). I have great time there and get lot of info about the latest technology from Canon - from their camera, lenses and to their imaging system. Kaz Chua, the potrait sifu from west malaysia do gave me some inspiration with the light techniques. And lastly we have chances to shot their models for the competition. Here some of my shot at the Seminar.

Look into my eyes.....

The 15mm Fish Eye Lense - love this!!

I shot this pictures using fish eye lens on Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III.. nice lense and camera I think.. i've tried this machine.. but dont know how to operate.. maybe i am not familiar with it or because it is not so user friendly for me.. my Nikon have tw0 buttons dial to set my apperture and my shutter.. while this machine need to press another button and then you will need to use the same dial to set shutter/apperture.. however still the good and massive machine for me.. and I still with my Nikon!! Nothing gonna change it.. Go.. go Nikonian!!.. See how the fish eye effect on the floor and wall.. i felt in love with this so-called "fish eye".. I think that i need to get this baby.. and of course Nikon Lense.. :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nexus Karambunai Photo Session

This morning I have to take some photos for Nexus Resort Karambunai. This is to promote their new Villa and suites for next issue of NKR magazine. Great session but so tired juga lohh... and hard to wake up.. coz we have some aramaiti last night.. :) Here some of the photos during the photoshooting..

Prepare for the shoting - Johnny and Rayner came to assist me

Experimenting with light (Rayner u really can be a model too.. eheheh)

During the photography for the Christmas scenes

My twin brother

Rayner with the flash mounted on tripod..

Bounced light to the wall-i used this SB800 to add natural lighting for the Christmas scene shots

During the shooting with the male model

With the model and staff

Johnny and Rayner trying to get some rest..

Staff and the model

During the photography session

The models, staff of Nexus Karambunai Resort and Public Relation and Communication Manager, Pamela Fletcher

During the photo session

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben Chrisman..

I,ve check this guy's blog. Superb wedding photographer and really inspired me a lot. Every piece of photos likely masterpiece for me. Hey guys.. check this blog.. I am sure you will like it so much..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tommy.. hoping u always well.. we miss u so much

That's small Tommy..

With Simba - Tommy's best friend and little brother.

Inside my bag..

Posed for the photo.. ( i really miss this cat)
This is Tommy.. I've shot Tommy on my bed as it laying down like this and try to get pamper by me.. Almost 3 weeks Tommy been missing.. Still we felt that Tommy still can make it.. Still hoping to hear its bell ringing and scratch the door to get in.. I really miss this cat.. and i really hope who caught and try to keep Tommy as their pet.. feed Tommy well, bath Tommy, once a week- Tommy never eat human food.. Farewell Tommy.. I'll miss U..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Angel - Going Out

Yesterday, we brought Angel for a walk because Angel seem so active now..

Angel with my girlfriend - they are so close and Angel like her so much.

I took this shot sitting near the car - I saw Violet trying to train Angel to stand up and i managed to caught the moment.. i like this shot.!

See how Angel like her so much..

Angel running and running with my twins - trying to catch the leg..

Where's my eyes? Hehehehehe..

Angel being carried.. after a big dog pass by..

Where am I?

Violet tried to push Angel up to the grass area..

Great moment with Angel..

Angel biting some grass with curiousity..

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just for an update

Nikon new flashgun SB900 Speedlight - Great flash!!

With my new lense!

Shot Angel with my new flash unit SB900 - what a great flash!

This is just for an update.. lalalalala.. no idea for this new post.. busy with my new gear.. (and somehow this blog post editor made my feel suck!! I can't type any words above the picture.. and... I dont know!!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hey guys.. these are some of my HDR photos i've created. Now, I am using the Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS3 to do the editing. Sometimes i used Capture NX to tweak some color. Okay, this is the 'BEFORE and AFTER' the editing. See how far the changes have been made to bring big impact to each picture when you present it in HDR.. in the next post i'll show you the more detail techniques to change your photos more dramatically.. Cao'..

BEFORE- This is the shot that won me 2nd Prize, see how flat the photo!

AFTER- The more dramatic photo..


AFTER - See how the footprints on the sand revealed and added more impact that before..


AFTER - I've used Photoshop to dodge and burn the photos to create the light and shadow.

BEFORE - I shot this padlock to demonstrate my friends how to use Photomatix Pro. I just pick up this padlock that just beside me that time..

AFTER - And i turned it to this - See how the usual photos turn to be more impact!

BEFORE - same like the above

AFTER - i've dodged the image to create the light..

Okay.. see you on the next post.. Dont forget to drop some comments on this..