Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nexus News for Nov-Jan 2009 cover page

Last September I have a photoshot at Nexus Resort Karambunai for their Circulation. They have been released the news. The pictures was on the cover page and a credit page about me at the 2nd page. So this is some shoot. For bigger view, click the images or go to http://www.nexusresort.com/Promo/news.pdf

Thanks to Nexus Resort Karambunai for the credit..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yeadebadebaduuuuuu.. it's HOLIDAY!!!

Officially my school started the school break today.. but still more to do at school since our "Hari Ucapan & Penyampaian Hadiah" will be held on Sunday.. "SUNDAY???? (decoration, dancing practice.. Sumazau punya bahh.. (adakah tu budak2 request sia "poco-poco..) Ahh.. nevermind lah.. since there will be a long-long days to go for the holiday.. (sia happy jak)hehehe..
So there will be some photo-shoting on this holiday.. a photography workshop by Louis Pang tommorow.. some wedding to go.. and some beer to drink (i think.... :) ) ahahahaha.. anyway holiday will make me feel good after being tortured by the final exam, UPSR, reports, courses.... bla..bla..bla...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

KDKC PROduction @ Work

After for two days been busy with this wedding plus with my own work.. Here some of KDKC's photos on their work for G&C's wedding. Tired + rushing - exhausted = ENJOY and what a great moment we have spent together and established more organised team. We managed to took this event without any problem and difficulties. The bride and the groom were great.

And.. as the biggest event approaching and everybody counting the elapsed time to go for the dinner - Kiddy somehow went to the clinic due to his wife going to deliver. Our team just wondering who will take the video for the night? Came with the suggestion _ Johnny will take the video and we have plan some short and express tutorial on how to operate the video cam. hehehe.. all of us just went blurrrrrrr.... hihihihi.. *takut tia dapat ambil yang cantik2 bah*. Fortunately, Kiddy's wife delivered earlier than we thought.. so Kiddy can proceed with the video.. we paid courtesy visit at the clinic.. but didn't brought any flower.. sorry kid.. hihihihii.. Anyway Congratulation to Kiddy on his mighty baby boy..

Vic for the group photo _ Kid as the instructor

Johnny and Vic being pushed to join the Sumazau dance.. (see the rambu-ramba) hihihi don't know what to call that thing..

p.s. in the tradition way, when you given this thing.. you are been selected to join the dance.

Kid on his video..